Programming Projects


2016-2018 — Python, Documentation

Contributed to various open source projects on GitHub, primarily supporting documentation and implementing CI.

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Screenshot of code.

Tuning Optimization

2017-2018 — Python

Vehicle Wireless Charging has a critical system called the Impedance Matching Network (IMN). I developed a Python script to best optimize the IMN based on system requirements. This script utilizes the Python's multiprocessing library to make decisions quickly.

Screenshot of Tuning Calculator application.

Tuning Calculator

2018 — Python

Due to the complex topology of Vehicle Wireless Charging's Impedance Matching Network, it is difficult for engineers to not know what is happening electrically in the system. I created this tool to help aid both internal engineers and engineers of our customers. I used the tkinter library to update values as parameters are changed.

Scatterplot graph that resembles a checkmark.

Stock/Cryptocurrency Trading & Analysis

2016-2018 — Python (Pandas), Excel

For fun, I do some number crunching and test out ideas for trading algorithms in Python and Excel. No get-rich-quick ideas yet. 😅

Cryptocurrency Live Portfolio

2017-2018 — JavaScript (Websockets)

I created this so my wife and I can easily collect the data of our cryptocurrency investments. It hooks into websockets so prices will update as trades complete in the market.

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2017 — JavaScript (Node.js)

Zenbot is an open source Node.js program meant to simulate and actually trade on a given cryptocurrency trading platform. I fixed the mirror/symmetrical functionality for running simulations.

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April Fool's Game Jam

2017 — JavaScript

My wife and I developed a game for a local game jam (48 hour competition) using Phasor.js. I focused on assets to let my wife practice her programming skills.

Play Kitteh Paradise (Warning: Audio)

Ludum Dare Game Jam

2014-2016 — JavaScript, C#

Ludum Dare Game Jam is a 72 hour competition for building a game from scratch. It has proved to be a great opportuntiy for learning new skills for my wife and I.

Play our first game, Honey BeeBop

Wedding RSVP

2016 — PHP, MySQL, JavaScript

My wife and I created our own RSVP system for our wedding invitations. I focused on the backend (PHP/MySQL) while she focused on the frontend (HTML/CSS/JavaScript).

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Minecraft Server Plugins / Mods

2011-2015 — Java, AWS

I am the owner of a Minecraft server and I created a number of plugins to help adminster the server. Plugins includes the following; censorship of inappropriate words, user stats/analytics, user notification of logins.

Screenshot of Excel document demonstrating Benchmarking Template.

Harness Benchmarking

2014 — Excel VBA

My internship for the summer involved benchmarking various harnesses of competititors. This can be a tedious task for data entry, so I developed an improved Excel document that utilized VBA macros.