Programming Projects

Software Engineer at DrChrono (Backend Focused)

2019 — Python, Django, CircleCI

DrChrono is a Electronic Health Record (EHR) company that creates software to help doctors. A few focus points for the projects I have worked on consist of: new partner integration that provides external syncing of documents for doctors, solving customer issues to prevent churn, and refactoring code and adding checks to our continuous integration to improve developer workflow.

Screenshot of code.

Tuning Optimization

2017-2019 — Python

Vehicle Wireless Charging has a critical system called the Impedance Matching Network (IMN). I developed a Python script to best optimize the IMN based on system requirements. This script utilizes the Python's multiprocessing library to make decisions quickly.


2016-2018 — Python, Documentation

Contributed to various open source projects on GitHub, primarily supporting documentation and implementing CI.

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Screenshot of Tuning Calculator application.

Tuning Calculator

2018 — Python

Due to the complex topology of Vehicle Wireless Charging's Impedance Matching Network, it is difficult for engineers to not know what is happening electrically in the system. I created this tool to help aid both internal engineers and engineers of our customers. I used the tkinter library to update values as parameters are changed.

Scatterplot graph that resembles a checkmark.

Stock/Cryptocurrency Trading & Analysis

2016-2018 — Python (Pandas), Excel

For fun, I do some number crunching and test out ideas for trading algorithms in Python and Excel. No get-rich-quick ideas yet. 😅

Cryptocurrency Live Portfolio

2017-2018 — JavaScript (Websockets)

I created this so my wife and I can easily collect the data of our cryptocurrency investments. It hooks into websockets so prices will update as trades complete in the market.

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2017 — JavaScript (Node.js)

Zenbot is an open source Node.js program meant to simulate and actually trade on a given cryptocurrency trading platform. I fixed the mirror/symmetrical functionality for running simulations.

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April Fool's Game Jam

2017 — JavaScript

My wife and I developed a game for a local game jam (48 hour competition) using Phasor.js. I focused on assets to let my wife practice her programming skills.

Play Kitteh Paradise (Warning: Audio)

Ludum Dare Game Jam

2014-2016 — JavaScript, C#

Ludum Dare Game Jam is a 72 hour competition for building a game from scratch. It has proved to be a great opportuntiy for learning new skills for my wife and I.

Play our first game, Honey BeeBop

Wedding RSVP

2016 — PHP, MySQL, JavaScript

My wife and I created our own RSVP system for our wedding invitations. I focused on the backend (PHP/MySQL) while she focused on the frontend (HTML/CSS/JavaScript).

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Minecraft Server Plugins / Mods

2011-2015 — Java, AWS

I am the owner of a Minecraft server and I created a number of plugins to help adminster the server. Plugins includes the following; censorship of inappropriate words, user stats/analytics, user notification of logins.

Screenshot of Excel document demonstrating Benchmarking Template.

Harness Benchmarking

2014 — Excel VBA

My internship for the summer involved benchmarking various harnesses of competititors. This can be a tedious task for data entry, so I developed an improved Excel document that utilized VBA macros.